Hows it work

Each qualification, experience, reading and community contribution creates weight to your conversation. You can boost your weight by reading articles through our links. As your would expect, the more weight you have the stronger you opinion feeds in. You get a higher order on the answers.

Who created it

A single person, wanting to learn more and learn the truth about things, with reasoned evidence/conversation not just an opinion. A lot of time and real momentum have been wasted on opinions.

Why create it?

In a world full of click-bait, woke arguments and trolls I wanted somewhere to have a grown up conversation about new things, ideas and quality sources of information. So I created this website to build up that resource.

Hidden talent

Not everyone has had the opportunity of a good education system. The world is full of very smart people who are missed. The hope is that they can use this platform to express thoughts and gain traction with their ideas.

Knowledge V Intellect

You can have a vast amount of knowledge on a subject but that does not make you an expert in that field. Your intellect allows you to process that information and form a conclusion. To add weight to intellectual arguments you can follow and agree with peoples interpretation of thoughts and facts.

Rights to an idea

We will never claim to own any rights to your thoughts. The intellectual rights sit with you alone, this will never change. You are fully responsible for any information you place on the system. We act as a distributor of your ideas only.

Why allow updates?

This allows the posters to evolve their ideas and interpretations. We still maintain a history and allow counter arguments to evolve too. We don`t have the classic comment sections as people just fire back sound bites rather than reasoned arguments. By limiting this we hope to foster a more suitable environment for advancement.

Where are pictures and videos

We may support them in future but due to their size we have chosen not to host them. We do support external links so things can be included there.

Why the English language

We need a common language to communicate our thoughts and replies. One that is widely supported around the world. If its not a primary language its normally the second language of choice. We can also make sure the thoughts follow our rules.

Our intention

We would like to grown this service. This will be a challenge and no doubt mistakes will happen. We will try to make it a success with your support. Perfection dos`t exist, we are just aiming for being useful.