Dose dark matter actually exist



A lot of work has been done and budgets spent provind Dark matter. Yet there is still no real evidence that it exist. My question is really around the science that has built up around this. There is now an impelling reasurce budget going towards the missing bits. I am left with a simple idea that the gap is just that. A missing or broken part of science that feeds into the search that in itslef has an error. Lets say a + b = 100. A results in 50 which would mean B should also equal 50 for the 100 is be correct. What happens A is 50 and B is 49.5. There is a Gap of .5. So you add in C at .5 to will the gap. We are now looking for C when really we should be looking at A and B for errors.

A new force of nature within physics may have been found which could bridge the gap for the Dark Matter issue. 

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Dark matter

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LHC new physics found

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A new force of nature may exist

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